Data Solutions

Data Solutions

Genesis-II uses proven methodologies to plan, design, implement and optimize your data center environment.

We understand the interdependencies and relationships of servers, storage, networking, virtualization and facilities. Our strategic OEM partnerships coupled with 400 plus data center certifications, gives us the business and technical acumen to mold multiple technologies together to solve your business and mission challenges. WWT can make your data center dynamic with:

  • Resilient Active Data Centers
  • Converged Infrastructure
    • FlexPod
    • Vblock
    • Virtual System Matrix

  • Servers, Blades and Compute
    • Unified Computing System (UCS)

  • Storage and Backup
  • Networking
  • Virtualization
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    • Servers
    • Applications

  • Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Adoption Framework
    • Automation & Orchestration

  • Facilities Infrastructure
    • Fast Mobile Data Center

    Solutions Based Data Center Approach


    Genesis-II takes a broader view and approach buy helping customers design and build a long-term, architectural strategy, across all technologies inside the data center. This enables our customers to be more flexible and adaptable as the technology changes.


    As a “true” systems integrator, Genesis-II can take an independent view, along with our customers, to ensure the solutions solve the most complex business challenges.


    Customer environments are complex with many technologies from many manufacturers. Genesis-II works closely with these OEM’s to ensure we’re choosing the right products and, more importantly, that all of the products from these various manufacturers all work together.