Enterprise Solutions For Linux

Enterprise Solutions For Linux

Our experts will work with clients to develop the layout and architecture of both hardware and software configurations, built for most off-the-shelf, and written developed applications that run on open-source community platforms.

We very closely support LINUX enterprise server solutions on CentOS, SUSE, REDHAT, WINDOWS, and other platforms not mentioned.

We will assist our clients in choosing our top of the line hardware computer servers and other I/O hardware resources, (e.g., SAN, ISCSI, NAS), with system backup solutions, allowing you to keep your important data and archive history on tape or other media over LAN/WAN as needed to get the job done.

We will work with our clients to draw up and build a file system for their applications, using a built-in BIOS hardware configuration design that performs both RAID 1 and RAID 5 technologies. These technologies use OS built-in Logical Volume Manager (LVM), taking advantage of internal and external disk drive utilization for redundancy and virtualization of data.

Our experienced designers will, in partnership with the client, will design a configuration for most database products that allow businesses to operate effectively while using ORACLE11, ORACLE RAC, MY-SQL and other data base products that allow redundancy and virtualization.

Our team will be on call 24/7 once the server is up and running to perform tasks such as monitoring systems applications and hardware, as well as, on a contractual basis, troubleshooting any system and application related issues.

Our team will configure servers to run ESX VMWARE functions for virtualization and cloud computing, using either stand alone or Blade technologies.

Our clients may request their servers be preconfigured with OS and drivers needed for other hardware components.