As organizations rely more on technology to drive business, they are confronted with new security risks and challenges: guarding against sophisticated cyber attacks, complying with increasingly aggressive cybersecurity regulations and instituting security policies for mobility, cloud and social media initiatives.

Additionally, they must navigate this new landscape in the face of a shortage of skilled security experts as the rise of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things broaden their exposure.

Genesis-II mitigates and manages security risks for large public and private organizations by developing defensive strategies specific to customers’ vulnerabilities. These strategies are modeled on enterprise security solutions that focus on major subject areas, such as:

  • Big Data Security Analytics
  • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Defense
  • Breach Readiness
  • Enterprise Secure Mobility
  • Secure Cloud and Data Center
  • Secure Networking
  • Through security workshops, assessments, and training, WWT can educate and augment your workforce to develop your organization’s security posture and meet compliance needs. Moreover, by implementing analytics-based, real-time monitoring to your IT environment, WWT can reduce the impact of security breaches when they occur and guard against future attacks.

    By bringing to bear the commercial and federal experience of our industry-certified security professionals — including former chief information security officers, security analysts, IT directors and leading incident response trainers — Genesis-II supports the federal intelligence community, in addition to a range of Fortune 100 companies.